Sell Your Real Estate At Auction
Selling at auction benefits all types of property including farmland, investment or commercial. Planning an auction as a seller can be as simple as choosing the auction date, determining the day of the open house and strategizing on how you want it to be sold and marketed by Rothrock Auction LLC. Buyers compete to bid their highest and best offer and the property is sold “as is where is” with no contingencies for cash. Whether you choose to sell your property on the grounds, in a meeting room facility or live online, you have the option to sell absolute without a reserve or subject to seller’s confirmation, otherwise knows as a reserve auction with or without a published reserve.

Auction Without Reserve (Absolute)
When an auction is published absolute, the seller is choosing to sell the property regardless of price with no minimum and no reserve. It allows the buyer to bid with ease and confidence in knowing the property will sell that day to the highest bidder. The benefit of this method attracts a greater number of serious buyers and encourages them to bid their maximum. This method creates an ideal selling environment for achieving fair market value.

Reserve Auction
Reserve auctions allow the seller the right to accept or reject the high bid. There is no obligation to sell, however, a seller can lift the reserve at any time in the bidding process and authorize the auctioneer to declare the property absolute. If this happens, the property will sell to the highest bidder.

Published Reserve Auction
An alternate method to a reserve or absolute auction is a published reserve where the seller establishes an aggressive below market opening bid to attract and generate interest to the auction. Once the published reserve or minimum is reached, the auction then becomes absolute and will sell to the highest bidder. This method allows a seller to be aggressive and still retain control of their auction while minimizing their risk.

Sell Your Personal Property At Auction
Whether you need to liquidate your business or settle an estate of a loved one, Rothrock Auction LLC has the staff and experience to accommodate your auction from setup to finish. This begins with the initial visit to evaluate your property. Our job is to maximize the value of your goods and the key to selling any item is product knowledge. So remember, do not throw anything away. We are experienced with proven results in identifying items of value. From this point we plan our marketing strategy of where to advertise and market your items and then we are off to photograph and identify. We can conduct your auction on site at your location, we can move the items to  a rented venue or we can offer your items on-line.